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About me

Thibaut Nilles
My passion: to give you inspiration

Executive Coach certified at HEC Paris and specialist in Sophrology techniques applied to the world of business and sport.

I firmly believe that each of us has unlimited potential. It is for this reason that at the beginning of 2019 I created my cabinet of executive coaching, sophrology and mental skills.

Beyond the technical skills that I have been able to develop in the function of Key International Accounts and support for high-level athletes, what fascinates me is to support senior executives and management teams so that they find in them the energy to be even more efficient and meet the needs of their business, while developing individually and collectively.

Practicing individual and team sports since my childhood, I work today at the Rugby Club of Massy Essonne as a Mental Skills Coach.

This double cap, business and sport, allows me to apply in business the requirements of the high level of sport and vice versa.


  • Executive Coaching - HEC Paris

  • Sophrologist, RNCP certified - Académie de Sophrologie Paris

  • Cardiac Coherence and Sophrology - Académie de Sophrologie Paris

  • Business and Sophrology - Académie de Sophrologie Paris

  • Sport, Creativity and Sophrology - Académie de Sophrologie Paris

  • Concentration and Sophrology   - Academy of Sophrology Paris

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  • Préparateur Mental - Pré Centre de Fromation & Centre de Formation - RCME (Rugby Club Massy Essonne)

  • Formateur  - L2 STAPS - Université Paris Saclay

  • Formateur - Académie de Sophrologie de Paris

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