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“Any positive action directed towards our body or towards our mind has a positive repercussion on our whole being”
Alfonso Caycedo, Founder of Sophrology.
“Business intelligence is about mobilizing skills”

Why use sophrology?

With companies in constant evolution, it is essential to have a global and clear vision to adapt to its new environment, whether technological, managerial or organizational.

Putting people at the heart of the company's performance is an essential success factor.

Offering Sophrology to your employees allows you to act on several levels:

  • Physical plan: better health, therefore less absenteeism

  • Emotional level: control of emotions and stress

  • Mental level: regain self-confidence, strengthen concentration, creativity, adaptation to changes, capacity building and motivation.

Letting the potential of each person express themselves as a whole allows everyone to give meaning to their work and thus increase the company's performance.

Some examples of themes

Optimize your concentration

  • How concentration works

  • Discover the allies and enemies of concentration

  • Appropriate concentration techniques on a daily basis

Time and priority management

  • Knowing how to prioritize

  • Optimize your organization

  • Take the necessary step back to make the right decisions

Managing stress and emotions

  • The impact of stress on productivity and how to deal with it

  • Knowing how to identify and manage emotions

  • How to anticipate so as not to suffer

Team work

  • Finding your place (self-confidence and self-esteem)

  • Knowing how to highlight each employee

  • Listening to everyone

What happens during a session ?

All sessions last 1 hour.

The first session is a real first contact allowing the sophrologist to know the client's problem.

Then we will move on to an exercise that will be recorded. This recording will be sent to him to train at home. At the end of the session, the client will express, orally or in writing, what he has felt.

These exchanges (at the beginning and end) will allow us to adapt future sessions, in order to achieve the set objective.


The themes are diverse and varied: stress management, sleep problems, self-confidence, preparation for exams (driving license, leaving cert, competition, etc.), preparation for a surgical intervention, post-operative support, etc.

Price of the session: 60 €

Sessions are face- to- face in the office or by videoconference . In all cases, it is essential to "see" each other at least once in person.

Practice address: 2 ruelle des Cordiers 91400 Orsay

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